How are your classes different from traditional Pilates?

While our Xtreme Pilates classes do include Pilates-inspired moves, we also incorporate exercises from other fitness disciplines. We do not focus on reps and sets. Instead, we use continuous movement combinations working muscles to fatigue. Also, unlike traditional Pilates, we pump great music during our classes. It is the heartbeat of our studio. We want you to h hear it, feel it, and let it inspire you to continue!


I have never taken Pilates before do I need a private first?

No. Our classes are designed for people of all levels.  Each client has their own ProFormer or mini-trampoline, and can modify/adjust each exercise to suit their current physical fitness level. Please keep in mind that this is not traditional Pilates.  It is a workout that is based on the essential principles of Pilates, and then paired with cardio and weight bearing exercises, to add intensity and create a total-body conditioning class. 


How often should I attend classes to see results?

This depends on the individual. Listen to your body to find a routine that works for you. We recommend three to four sessions per week to allow your muscles to properly recover and repair. Incorporate our different class types into your routine to achieve faster results. And, of course, watch what you EAT!!! Then enjoy your days off .


What happens if I arrive late to my session or need to leave early?

Please plan your SWEAT schedule accordingly. Arriving late is distracting to other students and the instructor, who is there for your safety. We want everyone focused the entire session. If you do not arrive within 10 minutes of the class start time, your space may be given to someone who is on the wait-list. If you miss the cut-off for your class, we will help you get into another class that day or week, so you can get your SWEAT SQUARED fix. If you must leave early, we understand, but please do so with minimal disruption...Please!

What should I bring and not bring?

 Please do not bring children to the studio. You must be 15 to take a class.

  • Bring a towel. If you forget, don’t worry we sell towels.
  • We sell water at the studio. We don't have a water fountain. Please, no open containers.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes, much like you would for a yoga class or the Gym.
  • Jewelry is NOT a good idea. It can get caught in the springs and we don’t want you to lose anything of value.
  • No strong perfumes. Some students and teachers are allergic.
  • Bring your friends!  But once the class gets started, save the conversation for afterwards. It’s very distracting for the teacher and for the other participants when you’re chit-chatting. Plus, you may miss something important if you’re not listening.
  • Your credit card is on file, so no need to bring cash/credit/check unless you prefer not to make your payment online. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.